The Memphis Hustle is the NBA G League affiliated with the Memphis Grizzlies of the NBA. Based in the Greater Memphis Area, the team plays their home games in Southaven, Mississippi. The Grizzlies purchased the expansion team during the 2017-18 season, bringing the design work in-house to the Creative Department.

The location of the team is in a suburb of Mississippi, which brought a challenge to learning what the Mississippi fanbase would like. Mississippi and Memphis fans are often different in liking and day-to-day. Learning the lifestyle difference of a Hustle fan makes a difference in how to design digital artwork. 


hustle 1.png

Where Memphis tends to be associated with grit and grunge, Southhaven, Mississippi is more family-centric and more typical southern-based town charm. This means showing crossover of the similarities of blue-collar workers, basketball bringing families together, and keeping things clean and modern.

The paintbrush texture allowed the campaign to show the fresh new look that the young players of the G League were bringing to the suburbs of the Greater Memphis Area. For the third season, the heavy white color helped to brighten up the feeling to show the rapid growth of the team. The flashiness of the red jersey texture helped on social media for us to stand out and pop on social media scrolls. 

The season, unfortunately, had to end early because of the pandemic, but that didn't stop the team from reaching milestones and achieving new goals that I was able to be turned into graphics to mark the special occasions.  


hustle 2.png
mid season.png



The team hosts several yearly Hustle & Hounds nights where you can bring your dog to the game, watch dachshund dog races, adopt local rescue dogs, get dog-themed giveaways, and of course, see the fan-favorite dog-themed jerseys.

The idea came about when brainstorming for theme nights in the G League. With many employees being dog fans, but also rescues being a big part of the Memphis Area, we wanted to do our part and work with a local one to help get some dogs into their forever homes. The first season of a Hustle &7 Hounds jersey was 2018/19 and they were auctioned off and the money was donated to the local rescue. In 2019/20 the idea was to include the fans even more by allowing them to submit their own dogs to be featured on the jersey. With successfully getting over 100+ submissions, man fans were able to bring their featured dog to see them on the players during the game. From far away some may say the concept looks like camouflage, but when up close you notice a bunch of furry friends all over the players. 


Dog Jersey.png