Grizz Gaming, the NBA 2k League associated with the Memphis Grizzlies, was looking to create a new campaign for their third season. With the 2019-20 season taking place during a world pandemic, it was essential to have an extensive digital presence. With practices, matchups, and qualifiers taking place online, there was more focus this season to create a digital design concept for a campaign that could transform with any situation thrown the NBA's way. 

With a lack of gameday photography, taken during previous season matchups in the NBA 2k Studio, the focus was more on texture, logos, and typography. The past year's campaigns were designed dark with a focus on gaming and glitches. For the 2019-20 season, I came up with a lighter colored concept.



GG_Player of the Week.jpg

The decision to pull in the Memphis Grizzlies connection for Grizz Gaming's third season in the league came about with the popularity of their hashtag #GrzNxtGen, inspired by the many young and upcoming players on the team. Memphis teams don't let age stunt them from showing the talent they are continuing to build, which is how the Grizz Gaming hashtag #NxtUp came about.


GG_Thank You.jpg
GG_Player of the Game.jpg
GG_Starting Five.jpg

The season didn't proceed like usual, but the team played remotely and complete the season. They recorded several wins, milestones, and statistic achievements that were graphically celebrated.

This design switch-up from previously dark concepts helped lighten the mood of the social feed during darker times. The clean and simple grid layout allowed for ever-changing imagery throughout the season. It helped to attract new social followers, game viewers, and fans. No matter what the circumstances threw the team's way, a design was ready to heighten the excitement of Memphis's virtual sports experience.


GG_Tonight's game.jpg
GG_Happy Birthday.jpg
GG_Final Score.jpg